English at an Advanced Level (EAL) (C2-level)1

Education at an advanced level for competent students with extensive English language experience    

Substitution of the first foreign language by English at an advanced language level (C2) taught from year 5 through 10.

Whilst offering regular courses of English as a foreign language (at a basic level), AEG has paved the way for additional English courses aiming to promote students with previous experience in the language (advanced level – EAL).

EAL courses at AEG intend to prevent the loss or deterioration of language skills with students who have previously attained a considerable degree of competence in an English-speaking environment (at an earlier stage). Instead, students will be assisted in further developing their abilities and skills and promoted to round off their education in English.

With a suitable and age-appropriate syllabus approved by the Department of Education in Bavaria, young students will learn to appreciate English and build up confidence in language usage in a purposeful approach at grammar school.

How to qualify for the English Advanced Level courses (C2 level):

EAL courses comprise …

  • …students who have previously attained language skills in a (predominantly) English-speaking environment, whilst also maintaining fluency in German.
  • …children from international schools or from parents living and working in an English-speaking country.
  •  …students who have attended an English school for a substantial period of time.

General criteria and language skills:

Students taking part in the English scheme at an Advanced Level (C2 – level) …

  • … have previously attained advanced oral skills adequate for their age group.
  • … have an age-appropriate command of everyday English vocabulary.
  • … are well-versed in correct basic English syntax and grammar.
  • … are capable of producing cohesive and coherent written texts in English with room for improvement in spelling.
  • … enjoy extensive and regular reading of fiction or reading matter suitable for their age.

For further information on qualification and evaluation, please contact Mr Heimerl via the secretary’s office.

1Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen (C2 – annähernd muttersprachliche Kenntnisse)